P.A.V.E. Program by Casper Home Health

Post Acute Value-Based Encounters Program (PAVE)

Did you know a significant amount of patients discharged from an acute care setting end up going back into the Emergency Department and are admitted back into the hospital within 24 hours of being discharged?  Why does this happen?

- Patient is Scared

- Patient Requires Education

- Patient has Limited or No Support System

- Patient Experiences 

  Medication Complications

- Patient has the Wrong Equipment

- Patient Experiences New or Worsened Pain

How can a patient avoid being readmitted back into the hospital or nursing home?  The answer is simple:  P.A.V.E.!!!  Post Acute Value-Based Encounters Program by Casper Home Health.  Our industry experts have devised a plan to meet your needs at home with our new, patient specific discharge planning staff.  Your Acute Care Discharge Planning Staff at Casper Home Health visit you in the hospital and nursing facility before you return home along with providing other services.

We accomplish this by: 

- Pre-discharge Hospital Visit with Clinical Liason

- Admission to Services within 24 Hours

- Front-Loading Visits

- Patient-defined, Measurable Goals

- Immediate Medication Reconciliation with PCP

- 24 Hour on-call Service

Your Partners in Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Providers are encouraged to contact us to learn more about partnering together with Casper Home Health to assist in reducing hospital readmissions.  We would love to come meet with you and/or your department to discuss our P.A.V.E. Program.  Call us Today at (307) 439-4110!!!